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just a quick walk to...

...THe Best Family-Friendly Restaurant Near the Brand new Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown, PA!

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In the Heart of Downtown Allentown

Brü Daddy's Brewing Co. is the ultimate family-friendly restaurant destination located near the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown. 


Our food menu is designed to go well with craft beer.


Scratch kitchen where we make everything on site.


Hand-crafted, wood-fired artisan pizza using 00 flour in our in-house dough.


seasonal specials and a menu that is ever changing with delicious new items.

The new Da Vinci Science Center at PPL Pavilion’s front entrance is located at 815 W. Hamilton Street in downtown Allentown, within walking distance to tons of other attractions.

There is something for everyone! The new Science Center is designed to appeal to all ages and exhibits will feature both English and Spanish languages.

Dinos Alive! will be the first exhibit to welcome visitors into the 8,000-square-foot City Center Group Gallery and promises an unforgettable journey into the prehistoric past. Guests will step back in time millions of years and stand in the shadows of 30 life-sized animated dinosaurs ranging from turkey-sized Velociraptors to the mighty T-rex, take a virtual journey into the Mesozoic era, and be amazed by these creatures who dominated the land during the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous periods for over 170 million years.



Patrons Enjoying Dinner & Beer at Our Local Brewery


Bru Daddy's Brewing Company Logo

BRU Daddy’s Brewing Co.

732 Hamilton St.

Allentown, PA 18101

Monday: 11 Am - 11 PM

TUESDAY: 11 Am - 11 PM

Wednesday: 11 Am - 11 PM

Thursday: 11 Am - 11 PM

Friday:  11 Am - 12 AM

Saturday: 11 Am - 12 AM

SUNDAY: 11 Am - 8 PM

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